“In archery we have something like the way of the superior being. When the archer misses the center of the target, they turn round and seek for the cause of their failure within themselves.” – Confucius

South Moorlands Archery Club was founded in 1983 and was initially based in the South Moorlands Leisure Centre in Cheadle, Staffordshire. After moving to a number of different locations we found our home at The Cheadle Academy (formerly Cheadle High School) in 1992 and we have been there ever since.

We are a small, friendly, informal club with about twenty five members of all ages, sexes and ability. We have equipment and facilities to accommodate more so new members are always welcome! We’ve got three qualified coaches as well as several experienced members and they are always willing to help and advise old and new members alike.

Whether you want to shoot at the Olympics, enter national competitions or just shoot for fun – that is fine with us and we will help you on your way.

We are affiliated to Archery GB through Staffordshire County Archery Association, and we are fully insured through Archery GB.